Barry Rodges, Cartoonist


This is a sketch from my children’s book Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian: Big Words for Little Kids. The inset is my first attempt at drawing a “filthy, slobbering person.” My wife said it looked “too adult” (?), so it was back to the drawing board. The text was done directly on top of the art. Sometimes I don’t have to try too hard to lay the text out, it just happens…

Sketches for page 1 of my book Chapter 1. I usually do the art on one page, the text on another & put them together on the light box for the final image.

Sketches for page 2 of Chapter 1.

Sketches for page 3 of Chapter 1. It took me forever to get the text right in the last panel. On the far right are several examples of the evolution of the text. There are many more...

Sketches for page 4 of Chapter 1. This was a relatively easy one.

Here's a few spreads from my sketch book.

A few more sketch book pages.

Here's another sketch from my children's book. This was before I decided to change the format, so I had to redraw the entire page.

This isn't really a sketch, as much as it is a color test. I was testing out a new brush & watercolors.

A color test & sketch for my comic strip, The Life And Times Of Edward Nooney.