Full name

Barry Rodges


Cartoonist, Illustrator, & All-Around Swell Guy


Texas, USA


For over a decade I've been writing, drawing and publishing hand-made comic books for Big Beard Comics. They can be found in finer comic stores from Los Angeles to New York. I pay the bills with graphic design but there is a mysterious satisfaction in making things by hand. I specialize in illustration and hand-drawn typography. My work has been featured in magazines, books, websites, and company newsletters. I've even sand blasted my illustrations into glass art. If that isn't enough I also work as a printmaker, puppeteer and maker of wacky things from junk I find in my garage.

I have just completed my first children's book, & I am looking for an agent. Please contact me if you happen to be one. Check out some sample pages from my book here: http://www.hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian.com, or here: http://www.bigwordsforlittlekids.com.

And there's always this:
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